Thursday, 21 August 2014

Last minute holiday bargain buys - I Love Primark.

Okay, okay so I was having a huge crisis thinking that my passport wouldn't come back.. Then boom! He arrived safe and sound on my doorstep today. It is official I will be booking a sunshine holiday and leaving the UK in 5 weeks time! Eek, having not flown in ages it'll be a pretty close destination, maybe Spain.
So naturally, I decided to hunt out some last minute holiday bargains, 
I usually live in high waisted items, so these two bikinis are a huge thing for me! They are actually normal rise pants, eek! I have also braved the lack of padding, which again is a huge deal for me! Being quite little, I don't have the biggest boobs.

But this year I decided to be brave and just think F*ck it! You only live once!
I grabbed these two bikinis from Primark for such a bargain price I couldn't resist.
The floral crown matched my sale Havaianas perfectly, so of course I couldn't resist it. I was a little sad that it was £5 because I am mega skint this month... To my surprise I took it to the till and it scanned at £2! Wahoo, thank you Primark.
I hate flip flops, but I managed to pick these beauties (as pretty as they get) up from trusty John Lewis for £9 in the sale! Awesome, I only wanted a pair because I've seen a few celebrities getting papped in them.. What am I like!

Aztec Bikini: Primark £4.00 for the set.
Floral crown: Primark £2.00 reduced from £5.00.
Havaianas: John Lewis £9.00 reduced from £18.00.
Tie dye bikini: Primark £3.00 for the set.

How could I refuse!? What holiday bargains have you spotted? Get yourself to Primark ladies.
Love Trendofdays

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My whole life is a dark room...

I visited Bakewell a couple of weeks ago, somewhere that I love. It's a cute quaint village out in the English countryside. It's places like this I would miss if I ever decided to up and leave England.
The scenery is beautiful and the village is full of cute bakery's, book stores, craft stalls and pubs.
I am in Love with the Bakewell Parish Church, so gothic. The ground holds original ruins of a Saxon cross and over looks the village and countryside. 
I found it amazing that this Church still has sarcophagus ruins, which I couldn't resist climbing in and taking a ridiculous picture - Forever a goth!

As you can see I chose to go on a day where the weather wasn't amazing, but it was my Uncles Birthday so we went anyway!
I decided to brave the weather and just wear my trusty Missguided kimono, which I teamed with my new favourite Topshop Leigh jeans.
I am a sucker for vintage over sized tees, so I bought this beauty from Cow vintage a few months ago.

Wow, now you have seen the real geek come out in me! I am a sucker for a good gothic church and some tourist pictures ;)
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Headband: Handmade.
Sunglasses: Primark.
Kimono: Missguided.
T-shirt: We are Cow/Cow vintage.
Jeans: Topshop.
Boots: Topshop.

Happy Wednesday (Addams)

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Dancing in the rain - Vintage Tie Dye.

So it's getting to that awkward time of the year, where the weather is really mixed and starting to change... I was sat blogging last night at about 8pm, it was pitch black outside and I actually had my 'winter' pj's on with some fluffy bedsocks! Okay, so I am naturally a cold person, it doesn't help that I have somehow managed to catch cold on my holiday from work :( cries!!
I have the worst time deciding what to wear on a day to day basis, let alone when the weather is really messed up.
Today I was going vintage shopping with my Mum & Sister, so opted for my vintage tie dye dress, ripped skinny jeans and my Chelsea boots.
I am a sucker for a good vintage find, I love this dress. It is so versatile, looks great both with jeans/tights and with bare legs.
My trusty fedora hat has taken a lot of wear all year, I think I will opt for getting one in a different colour this coming season...

What are you wearing in this crazy mixed up weather?!
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Hat: Primark.
Dress: We are cow - Cow vintage.
Jeans: Customised.
Boots: River Island.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Go where the Peace is...

I wish the weather would come back like this again... Mr sunshine please come back! I have 10 days off work and need you in my life.
I recently received these beautiful AA copy shorts in the post, I love them they were such a bargain too. I wanted the American Apparel ones for ages and nearly bought them, until I stumbled across these replicas at less than half the price. 
I am very funny about wearing crop tops, unless I am wearing something high waisted. I don't like too much stomach showing it freaks me out.. Haha.

This crop top is right up my street though, black and mesh.. Yep that pretty much ticks all the boxes. It has a fitted band to the bottom, which makes it much more comfy to wear. 
I bought the top, shorts and shoes all in the same week and they just go so perfectly together!
It was such a coincidence too...
I love when a plan comes together, this head bands a new favourite too.. A little obsessed.

Floral crown: Primark.
Sunglasses: Primark.
Top: Topshop.
Midi rings: New Look.
Shorts: Ebay - £4! Search 'Sunflower shorts'
Sandals: Topshop.

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Free spirit.

A short but a sweet one today, I decided to blog this beautiful jumpsuit and kimono combo... Then of course it started raining whilst I was outside! Cries. I hate the British 'Summer'.
I received this kimono in the post a couple of weeks ago, I saw it online and couldn't resist it. I unfortunately missed out of the Zara one, however this is a great replica.
The colours are beautiful and look great with most of my key wardrobe pieces.

This jumpsuit was such a bargain at only £20 from Boohoo, I bought it for a night out because I was feeling lazy and didn't want to tan my pale legs! Hehe.
I absolutely love it, it's a thick chiffon jersey material and fits so well. 
I am back obsessed with my black fedora hat again, I can't wait for Primark to release their berry shade one. I definitely need one in my life!

A little off point but super sad news this morning about the Legend that is Robin Williams, what an iconic comedian/actor.
'Your'e only given a little spark of madness, you mustn't lose it'...
RIP to a great actor and somebody I grew up watching on the big screen.

Hat: Primark.
Choker: Nemesia Jewellrey.
Jumpsuit: Boohoo.
Kimono: Kissmyboutique.
Shoes: New Look.

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Happy Tuesday,

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